Partnership with Success by 6 cooks up Recipes for Healthy Beginnings

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First Credit Union & Insurance (Comox Valley) recently enjoyed connecting with the younger residents of the community during a Success by 6 public awareness campaign.

In partnership with Family Literacy Week (Jan. 27th – 30th), Success by 6 distributed approximately 1000 brightly coloured lunch bags – each containing books, milestone charts and Recipes for Healthy Beginnings. These kits were designed to provide resources and tools for families who may not otherwise have access to the information.

Over the course of the week, children and families packed into the three local libraries. Flush with smiling happy faces, they merrily joined in the musical performances and listened intently during group reading; all the while, toting along their new bag and treats.

It was a tremendous gift to be involved with this initiative – from the brainstorming of the concept to the delivery of the goodie bags. Hopefully many little people will use the recyclable lunch bags for several years to come and think as fondly of the event as we will!

This sponsorship opportunity was made possible in part thanks to the work Central 1 does with the little critter sales and partnership with United Way.


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