Beaufort Children’s Centre to receive a chore busting boost on Community Impact Day!


Beaufort Children’s Centre has an undisputed reputation for outstanding quality early childhood care in the Comox Valley. If you happen to be visiting North Island College campus, where they are located, listen for the laughter and feel the joy that radiates from the playground and you will understand why they are so loved.

Beaufort has been operating for 20 years ‘serving North Island College student, faculty and staff families in addition to Comox Valley community families. Parents, community members and North Island College representatives make up the Board of Directors and contribute to the direction of the centre’. Each year approximately 100 families enroll in Beaufort and benefit from the respectful, caring and inclusive relationships that are formed by staff at the centre.

Caring for so many children under five years of age comes with a long list of daily chores, making extras like playground scrubbing and outside toy maintenance hard to get to. On October 8th, staff members from First Credit Union & Insurance will be supporting the centre by sweeping, scrubbing and cleaning outdoor equipment as part of our Community Impact Day initiative.

If you would like to make a donation or get involved with Beaufort Children’s Centre or learn more about the amazing work they do, visit them online:

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